Saturday, May 21, 2011


Answering the call of God on our lives to go to Peru has not been an overnight decision. We have deliberated, prayed and talked to many people. It seemed like a strange decision to uproot our family and quit our jobs when things were going well. But God continued to pursue.  We looked at our family and our own personal desires and said, “Are you sure, God?”  Still, we have not been able to get away from the fact of His call on our lives. So, we will be going to Peru. We still need your help to get there. There are a few things we’d like you to know.

The Church of the Nazarene endorses Extreme Nazarene and the work they are doing in South America..  However, each Extreme missionary is responsible for raising all their own funding.   We would like to share with you where we are right now financially.

We are a little over 60% of the way to having what we need to support a family of five in South America. We still need to raise  $20,000.. We plan to leave the USA on June 15th, but can’t until we reach at least 80% our financial support goal. 

 “Reoccurring” donations from those who would commit to support us monthly for two years are very appreciated. If you decide to partner with us in this mission to Peru, click the DONATE button next to our picture at the top of this page(or the hyperlink at the upper right of the blog page). That will give you the next screen, which will guide you through the online giving (monthly or a one time gift). All funds are processed thru Crowne One and used for missional expenses only.

We are getting closer to having enough air miles to get our airline tickets! We have enough donated sky miles for three tickets…just two to go! They can be funded either as a “monetary one time donation” or donated as sky miles(via email Each ticket cost  approx. $1,400.

God is moving in a marvelous way in Peru. Many are accepting Christ and are having physical needs met who have never experienced this kind of outpouring of love. We cannot wait to be a part of the mission team in Peru! We will keep you informed as we work. Your contributions will be used to love and care for the less fortunate thru this ministry.  Blessings.