Sunday, June 5, 2011

Waiting and Wanting to GO!

Many of you have asked how the fundraising is going for the Peru ministry.
We need about $450 more per month… so we have a ways to go, in a short amount of time.
We have had to delay our departure date until God further supplies, perhaps through
many of you.  If most of you can give at least $25 per month for two years,
you will be able to help send us on our way to start fulfilling God’s mission for us in Peru.
We need YOUR help to partner with us…TODAY!  Please don’t think that others will
just do it and what you could give would not really help, because IT WILL!
How do you donate?
Click on the donate button and you will be able to enter information and amount along with the date you want to start your giving. MONTHLY   sponsorships will sustain us through the two years. All funds are for missional use only.
                                                  How do you keep up to date on our ministry?
                                      Go to:
image005                                                and click the follow tab on the right side (email or Google connect)

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  1. Only $375 left on monthly sponsorships!!! When that last amount is pledged then we will be able to purchase our tickets-4 of the tickets we will be able to get at a reduced price with air miles that people have donated! Our one time costs are down to $9,000 which we will continue to work on funding over the next two years. Thank you for all your prayers and generous funding!