Sunday, March 11, 2012

Cusco Chapel Build...written by Kurt Watters

This last month, I was fortunate to go on a 2-week mobile foam chapel build in the city of Cusco, Peru with a group of guys from Oregon and my dad. This chapel can fully break down, and then is able to be moved to certain areas around Cusco that it is needed. Yes, it is actual Styrofoam, with a stucco covering, that we're building with, go to Sytrofoam chapels, to learn more.  Being construction guys, it took only 5 days to fully build a 16x16 room with a roof, windows, and a door. Because of how fast we worked, once we were done building, we helped fix up a handicap woman’s door (basically a sheet of metal) that was falling off it’s hinges and covered in rust. She was a part of the church and ended up giving her testimony at the inauguration service in the church we had built. During this service, my heart was flowing with pure joy watching all of these Peruvians pile into that chapel that I helped build. God is great, isn’t he?! It was amazing working with these guys and building relationships with them. So I give a huge THANK YOU to every single person that is helping give. We appreciate all of your support!

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